Helaine Blumenfeld is an internationally acclaimed sculptor, whose career spans over 50 years. Born in New York, Blumenfeld studied at Columbia University, New York, and then at Oxford University, UK, where she completed a PhD in Philosophy in 1964. Following her studies, Blumenfeld moved to Paris to sculpt and became a pupil of Ossip Zadkine.


In 1973, Blumenfeld moved to England and the same year exhibited at Kettles Yard, Cambridge. 1978 marked a turning point in Blumenfeld’s work when she first visited Pietrasanta, Italy and started carving marble. In 1985 Blumenfeld had a joint exhibition with Henry Moore at the Alex Rosenburg Gallery, New York entitled Moore: Blumenfeld - a Dialogue.


Now established as one of the most accomplished and respected figures in contemporary sculpture, Blumenfeld is a master of both bronze and marble. Her work has been hailed by the Financial Times as “The Henry Moore’s of the future”.