Fiamma Colonna Montagu is a contemporary Anglo-Italian sculptor specialising in monumental ceramic works. Her large-scale commissions and site-specific installations for international private collections include works for the Weston family, Strauss Collection, John family and Roden family. Glen Lowry, director of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, described her work as having a “Brâncuși” quality, “in which simple forms take on a symbolic quality”.


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Samuel Selwyn-Bazeley is a Fijian-born artist whose sculptures, art installations and pavilions explore subjects that lie on the borders of ecology and philosophy, environmental exploration and the rewilding of our habitats.


Inspired by his international upbringing in the South Pacific & Asia, he often draws from the socio-political conditions he experienced while his parents worked towards eliminating global poverty and promoting sustainable development for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.


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